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The Stories We Capture

Whether you’re looking for a rewarding project or thoughtful gift for that a parent, grandparent, significant other, or close friend is sure to adore, Quilted has unique video storytelling packages for every occasion. See our newest packages Get Well Soon and Memories with Dad.

Group Stories

Handpick friends and family to share cherished memories and wishes for another loved one for a special occasion or event.

Legacy Story

Honor and inspire that person in your life who has a lifetime of stories to share both favorite and little known memories in the form of a digital memoir.

Love Story

Share your stories, memories and perspectives with your significant other. Gift the experience of recalling your stories together.

Why Quilted?

Storytelling is how we educate, bond, and even show we love one another. Some stories we’ve heard 1,000 times and others we’ve never heard simply because we didn’t know how to ask.

Quilted makes it easier than ever to uncover, save, and share life’s greatest stories with your loved ones for generations to come. Through Quilted’s video storytelling packages, you’ll craft new experiences with your family and friends, bringing life to the stories you cherish.

Storytelling gift

What People are Saying

A way to capture videos in a way that emphasizes friendship, relationships, achievements, and meaningful moments to tell a story. 

D. Shultz

I like the idea of following my memories and my life. Even the smallest moments have the largest impact on you so it would be nice to remember those little moments.

-E. Kowalew

I think this will be the most heartfelt to a loved one because it shows what they love about you over the years.

S. Matche

The intimacy combined with the length and quantity.

J. Mond

We’ve talked about our story but being prompted each day with these questions was such a unique, fun, fresh activity for our relationship

A. Register

A way to document a message for your loved ones that makes it easy to organize a large amount of people.

D. Paulsen

A memory to last a lifetime. 

V. Pinto

What to Expect


Select & customize your gift.

After choosing your Quilted package, determine how many Storytellers you want to tell stories, upload their contact info, set the date for when you want to start your story project and review the story prompts they will receive.

Storytellers receive weekly prompts.

Your Storytellers will receive a welcome text message to get started on their Quilted story. Each week your Storytellers will receive a text inviting them to respond to a prompt at their convenience. These prompts can be adjusted to be sent more or less often than weekly. You may also record a video of yourself asking the prompt for your Storytellers. 


Stories are recorded.

The Storytellers then record their response and are welcome to do as many retakes as they want. Once they are happy with their response, it’ll be added to their Quilted Story Dashboard. We make it super easy to respond by requiring no app download or account creation from the Storyteller. 

Videos one-by-one or full length video.

As the Storytellers complete each response, they will immediately be viewable to you in the Story Project Dashboard. After the Quilted Storytelling project is complete, you will be able to request a fully compiled video of all your stories.

Story Packages

Share & enjoy!

A Storyteller can share their Quilted Story with loved ones through a text or email invite. Watch individually or gather a close group of family and friends to create new memories together as you watch your stories.

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