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Growing relationships through storytelling. 

Quilted was founded with a vision of making it easier for families and friends to document, preserve and share their life stories – and to bring us closer together as a result. We each have personal stories of wishing we had our grandparents’ voices captured telling the legacy stories we heard growing up in their unique and animated way of telling them. Or of wishing we had captured our friends’ different reactions to the same fun experience on a group trip. We believe we should no longer miss out on being able to revisit these memories and the personalities of those who shared them, and that today, we too often are limited to telling stories in 120 characters or less.

Our stories are what bring us closer together and allow us to relate, reminisce and recall what matters most. Whether these are legacy stories of those who came before us to share with generations to come, or new memories we are creating through special events today. And we believe that waiting for weddings, graduations, and funerals to tell loved ones our best stories is a tragedy. We think that these stories and moments are meant to be brought to life and shared with one another now, so we can create new memories and experiences with those we love.


Packages Coming Soon…

Wedding Guest Book

Wedding videographers can cost some serious cash. With Quilted’s Wedding Guestbook package, guests are inspired to share a video of their wishes.

Baby Shower

Written wishes for baby are great, but videos baby can look back on are priceless. Capture these wishes with Quilted’s Wishes for Baby package.

Travel Journal

Taking that once in a lifetime trip with your loved ones? Capture the adventure from everyone’s POV with Quilted’s Group Travel Journal package.

What People are Saying

I have received plenty of birthday gifts in my life, but I think most people know the experiences and memories I share with other people are what matter most to me. My fiancé surprised me with the video at the end of my birthday and it was a perfect ending to a great day.

-Graham Vanderheide
Our Memories with You 

I got this for my girlfriend who was expecting and she was ecstatic. Her seeing how excited everyone was and the advice they provided really made it a beautiful present.

-Michelle Lella
Wishes for Baby

It’s always fun when you give something unique to someone for their birthday. Quilted is exactly that. It was super fun gathering all the people that love my fiancé such as parents, siblings, and best friends to wish him a happy birthday with customizable questions.

-Natasha Alvarez
Our Memories with You 

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