Who are Arizona’s greatest storytellers? Well, we’ve uncovered 48 of Arizona’s greatest storytellers in this list. As some of you may know, Quilted is a startup based in the beautiful state of Arizona that enables groups of loved ones to easily tell the greatest stories of their lives on video to share for generations to come. With all the great storytelling that goes on in our community, we wanted to make a list that surfaces the top storytellers that inspire storytelling in our home state. This list highlights 48 amazing storytellers that each offer a unique perspective on storytelling. 

Kathy Morgan is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

48. Kathy Morgan

Kathy Morgan is the co-founder and creative director of Morgan and Company, Kathy has been with Morgan and Company for 38 years, helping multiple generations of local businesses visually communicate their story. 

Kathy's Story
Pat McCrossan is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

47. Pat McCrossan

Pat McCrossan is a musician and an entertainer. Born in Ireland, Pat came to Canada in 1969 to join a Canadian country and rock band. He was one of the top-rated rock guitarists in Ireland during the 1960s. Besides playing with the band, he was in demand for session work at ARC studios in Toronto with many top Canadian Country, Folk, and Pop musicians. Even in his later years, he has not slowed down one iota and is still in demand for concerts, dances, wakes & riots.

Pat's Story
Phillip Kennedy is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

46. Phillip Kennedy

Phillip Kennedy is a marketing, branding, and content strategist. Phillip uses his expertise in strategic messaging and content to help his clients develop their stories and connect with customers. Outside of his professional life, Phillip has partnered with storytelling events to tell stories about his childhood and experiences in the great outdoors.

Phillip's Story
Niki Cuccinotto is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

45. Niki Cuccinotto

Niki Cuccinotto is a science writer, educator, and storyteller. Niki has worked with local museums such as the Arizona Museum of Natural History, the MIM, and the Science Center to organize educational programs. On top of her professional work, Niki participates in local storytelling events. Her stories center around her unique Italian American upbringing.

Niki's Story
Charlotte Shaff is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

44. Charlotte Shaff

Charlotte Shaff has a long history in customer service and a professional background that ranges from promotion producing and writing for TV news, community and seasonal media relations for Fiesta Bowl and MCDOT, and promotional and added value support for Subway restaurants. Using these diverse experiences, she now helps local small business owners gain traditional and social media attention as experts in their industries. She is a WAHM (work at home mom), a former main contributor to a top local PR blog and speaks routinely on the benefits of PR and social media as an integral way to learn, share and educate others. She is passionate about sharing her small business clients’ stories and expertise with others in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Charlotte's Story
Tisha Pelletier is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

43. Tisha Pelletier

Tisha Pelletier is an entrepreneur, brand strategist, podcast host, business mentor, speaker, and author. Tisha is a storyteller at heart. She takes immense pride in sharing her unique journey and witnessing the impact that it has on others.

Tisha's Story
Liz Warren is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

42. Liz Warren

Liz Warren is the director of the Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community College.  Both Liz and The Storytelling Institute have received numerous awards for their devotion to storytelling.

Liz's Story
Evan Roberts is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

41. Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts is the head of marketing at the Storyteller Project. His work with the Storyteller Project has helped them expand into 20 different states, giving people across the nation a platform to tell their story. On top of all of his work with the Storyteller Project, Evan has partnered with local storytelling events to talk about his upbringing and college experience!

Evan's Story
Jim Sharpe is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

40. Jim Sharpe

Jim Sharpe is a war correspondent, an award-winning journalist, a political consultant, a video producer, a PR executive, and a daily talk show host. Jim has distinguished himself as one of the top broadcasters, hosting two #1 morning talk shows.

JIm's Story
Paula Veach is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

39. Paula Veach

Paula Veach is a lecturer at ASU and a retired Police Commander. Dr. Veach approaches challenging topics with empathy, honesty, and depth. She is known for connecting with her audience by sharing personal experiences and stories.

Paula's Story
Greg Moore is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

38. Greg Moore

Greg Moore is a digital sports columnist for azcentral sports and The Arizona Republic. In addition to Greg’s work in sports journalism, he taught Advanced Digital Storytelling at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Greg has devoted his career to both telling and teaching the practices that create great stories.

Greg's Story
Mike Duffy Storytelling

37. Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy is a professional speaker. Mike guest lectures at Stanford and is a coveted speaker on success, work-life balance, leadership, and adapting to change. Mike uses his storytelling skills to help his viewers unlock their potential and overcome personal obstacles. 

Mike's Story
Leia Stone is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

36. Leia Stone

Leia Stone is a USA TODAY Bestselling author. Leia is an expert storyteller, creating stories that have been read by millions of people. In addition to her creative writing, she is the founder and CEO of Indigo House Publishing Group.

Leia's Story
Kirsten Haberer is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

35. Kirsten Haberer

Kirsten Haberer is a multimedia designer at The James Agency. Kirsten’s creative outlook on life is captured in her 2018 Ignite Phoenix talk. Kirsten discusses the importance of capturing and exploring the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Kirsten is also a talented visual storyteller, specializing in abstract and colorful desert themed paintings. You can see some of these painting on her Instagram.

Kirsten's Story
Ahmad Daniels is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

34. Ahmad Daniels

Ahmad Daniels is a life coach and author. Ahmad founded the Creative Interchange, a personal training, and coaching program that helps their clients enhance personal and social capital through changed philosophies, personal empowerment and self-actualization.

Ahmad's Story
Kanu Jacobsen is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

33. Kanu Jacobsen

Kanu Jacobsen is Phoenix’s love guru. Kanu founded the podcast, Real Love Real Stories that serves as a platform for couples to tell their love story and discuss their relationship. Kanu asks questions ranging from proposal details to relationship problems. 

Kanu's Story
Clarissa Eaquivel is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

32. Clarissa Eaquivel

Clarissa Eaquivel is a blogger and co-founder of the Motherkin, a motherhood community created to unite moms through shared experiences. Clarissa has helped create a platform for mothers to connect and share their stories.

Clarissa's Story
Lauren Garcia is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

31. Lauren Garcia

Lauren Garcia is a Lifestyle Blogger. Lauren shares her story as a mother and inspires her followers to stand confident in their beauty and self-love.  Lauren’s blogs are inspired by her experiences and expert opinions, all while preserving her goal to support expecting and new parents.

Lauren's Story
Sandy Oglesby is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

30. Sandy Oglesby

Sandy Oglesby is a professional storyteller. Sandy has devoted her career to practicing and educating others on the art of storytelling. She has organized workshops for museums, libraries, and schools, helping her audiences connect through storytelling. Sandy has taken these workshops to museums across the nation and Europe, teaching the benefits of oral literacy, self-esteem, and cultural diversity.

Sandy's Story
Ward Andrews Storytelling

29. Ward Andrews

Ward Andrews is the CEO of Drawbackwards, a consulting firm centered around dissolving complexity for customer experience and software product teams. Ward is also part of the Honors Faculty at ASU,  teaching Design Entrepreneurship.  Ward has aligned storytelling with his personal and professional brand, giving lectures on the creative process and entrepreneurship.

Ward's Story
Michelle Rogers is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

28. Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers is the national manager of The Storyteller Project. Michelle has had a prolific and awarded career in journalism. Since becoming the national manager, Michelle has planned numerous live storytelling events, creating a platform for people all over the country to bring their stories to life. 

Michelle's Story
Ashley Bright is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

27. Ashley Bright

Ashley Bright is a communications aficionado.  Creating the signature IMPACT speaking method, Ashley has coached top entrepreneurs on his storytelling methods to increase their influence and team loyalty.

Ashley's Story
Robin Sewell is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

26. Robin Sewell

Robin Sewell is the founder of Lonetree Production. Within a year of founding Lonetree, Robin acquired the broadcasting rights to the internationally-known Arizona Highways Magazine and created the first locally produced statewide syndicated show, Arizona Highways. Capturing the stories of local Arizonaians, Robin created a powerful platform to preserve Arizona’s greatest stories.

Robin's Story
Todd Hartley is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

25. Todd Hartley

Todd Hartley is the video marketing guru. Using his skills to drive sales for a wide array of celebrities, world leaders, and businesses, Todd has separated himself as an industry innovator and leader. On top of this, Todd hosts Video Marketing Mastery, a podcast dedicated to helping businesses find success through video.

Todd's Story
Sakura Consideine is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

24. Sakura Consideine

Sakura Considine is the Co-Founder & Creative Brand Director at Bloguette. Sakura’s unique ability to communicate a brand’s story has made Bloguettes one of the Valley’s leaders in small business digital communication. On top of this, Sakura vlogs about her life and family!

Sakura's Story
Lorena Garcia is one of Arizona's Greatest Storytellers

23. Lorena Garcia 

Lorena Garcia is a local entrepreneur, mom, wellness and self improvement enthusiast, and blogger. Lorena co-founded Bloguettes, a company created to offer branding advice for bloggers and small business owners. Lorena divides her blogs into five different categories: wellness, motherhood, beauty, wishlist, business, and style.

Lorena's Story
Jose Acevedo is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

22. Jose Acevedo

Jose Acevedo is the founder and personality of the podcast “Finding Arizona”. Jose tells the stories of local Arizona businesses and their owners. The Finding Arizona podcast has an informal tone, seeking to loosen the conversation and reveal unique stories from the owners perspective. 

Jose's Story
Tom Leevan is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

21. Tom Leevan

Tom Leevan is a Bram Stoker Award finalist, an award-winning author of nine novels, a speaker, and a teacher. Tom has taken the storytelling world by charge with his creative drive and ambition. Tom is constantly writing and helping other writers produce their own stories.

Tom's Story
Frank Camacho is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

20. Frank Camacho

Frank Camacho is a local broadcast icon. Frank spent 28 years as a broadcaster and news anchor, developing a reputation as a fair reporter, devoted to his community and the people he served. 

Frank's Story
Alex Evjen is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

19. Alex Evjen

Alex Evjen is an early pioneer of influencer marketing and a storyteller at heart. According to Alex, her biggest strength is the ability to identify humanity in the story– the heartbeat– the connection. Alex has used this great strength to tell both her stories and stories of companies such as Target, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola

Alex's Story
Rosemarie Dombrowski is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

18. Rosmarie Dombrowski

Rosemarie Dombrowski is the former Poet Laureate of Phoenix, the co-founder of the Phoenix Poetry Series, and the former curator/host of First Friday Poetry on Roosevelt Row.  Rosemarie’s work has united the Phoenix community through poetry and storytelling.

Rosmarie's Story
Childhelp's founders are some of of Arizona's Top Storytellers

17. Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara

Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara co-founded the non-profit Childhelp. Childhelp has worked tirelessly for over 60 years to prevent and treat child abuse. In 2003 Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson published the book Silence Broken: Moving From a Loss of Innocence to a World of Healing and Love, which documented all of their amazing work with Childhelp.

Yvonne and sara's Story
Sean McGlaughin is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

16. Sean McGlaughin 

Sean McGlaughin is a verteran broadcast journalist and meteorologist at Phoenix’s CBS 5 News. Sean is a ten time Emmy Award winner and has covered multiple Olympic Games and Super Bowls. Sean’s integrity and dedication to journalism has made him one of the most trusted broadcasters and storytellers in the Valley.

Sean's Story
Timiebi Aganaba is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

15. Timiebi Aganaba

Dr. Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty is an assistant professor at ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society and a former space industry consultant. Dr. Timiebi gave an inspiring TED talk at ASU’s TEDX event in 2019. In this talk she discussed the politics of nations moving into space, as well as the importance of creating a culture where space belongs to everyone instead of a few powerful nations.

Timiebi's Story
Mike Eldred is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

14. Mike Eldred

Mike Eldred is the former director of Fender Custom Shop, frontman in the Mike Eldred Trio, and the owner of Papa Legba Hoodoo BBQ & Soul Supply. From building tribute guitars for the likes of Jimi Hendrix to crafting brisket rubs with recipes passed down from his grandmother, Mike has made a name for himself refining and reinvigorating distinguished nostalgic crafts.

Mike's Story
Ben Christensen is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

13. Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen is a western lifestyle photographer. He’s devoted his career to capturing the nuance of Arizona’s desert landscape.  Ben’s Instagram transports the viewer to a different time, connecting them with Arizona’s deep western history. Ben has helped brands such as Harley Davidson and Boot Barn create stunning western stories. 

Ben's Story
Jeff Moriarty is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

12. Jeff Moriarty

Jeff Moriarty works in indie publishing, social media and founded/helps organize Ignite Phoenix. Jeff’s work with Ignite Phoenix has created an intellectual platform for creatives in The Valley to share their ideas.  Jeff started the signature culture event, “No Pants Flash Mob” and is also known for his great stories at Ignite events. 

Jeff's Story
Diana Brandt is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

11. Diana Brandt

Diana Brandt is the founder of Arizona Foodie, one of the most followed food blogs in The Valley.  Diana founded the blog with the mission to document and showcase the growing food scene in Arizona.  Since then, she has captivated a significant audience – gaining over 34,000 followers on Facebook and 95,000 on Instagram. 

Diana's Story
Derrick Hall is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

10. Derrick Hall

Derrick Hall is the CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks and founder of the Pro-State foundation, a charity dedicated to serving those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Derrick has not only created a legacy for himself with his leadership of the Diamondbacks, but he has both battled cancer and supported families with cancer victims.

Derrick's Story
Sharon Preszler is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

9. Sharon Preszler

Sharon Preszler is a former Airforce pilot, the first woman to fly an F-16, and an exceptional storyteller. Since retiring from her prolific career with the Airforce, she started working as a speaker with Athena’s Voice, a woman veteran-owned speaking agency, and as a Captain at Southwest.

Sharon's Story
Tyler Farnsworth is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

8. Tyler Farnsworth

Tyler Farnsworth is a branding aficionado. As the founder of the nationally respected influencer marketing firm, August United, Tyler has devoted his career to helping brands connect with the people they serve through creative storytelling.  Tyler has helped major brands such as Kroger, PetSmart, Persil, and Microsoft communicate their stories.

Tyler's Story
Jon Arvizu is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

7. Jon Arvizu

Jon Arvizu is a local artist, designer, screen printer, and blogger. John has had a prolific career as an artist, working with companies such as Netflix, Popular Science Magazine, Red Robin, Frito Lay, Quaker, and Oreganos. John has helped brands connect with their audiences by telling their unique stories with unforgettable visuals.   

Jon's Story
Park Howell is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

6. Park Howell

Park Howell is described as The World’s Most Industrious Storyteller for Business. His Business of Story show is ranked among the top 10% of downloaded podcasts in the world and he’s written a new book, Brand Bewitchery: How to Wield the Story Cycle System to Craft Spellbinding Stories for Your Brand. Park is a 35-year veteran of the branding industry and consults, teaches, coaches and speaks to top business leaders internationally on the applied science and bewitchery of storytelling.

Park's Story
Joy Young is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

5. Joy Young

Joy Young is a critically-acclaimed spoken word artist that has devoted their life to the art of storytelling. From exploring social justice through personal narrative, to creating storytelling curriculum for community engagement projects, Joy has been one of the most influential advocates for storytelling in the valley. As a testament to their profound work, Joy was named Storyteller of the Year by the Phoenix New Times in 2019.

Joy's Story
Alberto Rios is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

4. Alberto Rios

Alberto Rios is Arizona’s poet Laureate. Alberto is known for his use of language in lyrical and imaginative ways, capturing great stories with his clever word play. Alberto has authored numerous books of poetry and prose and won the Walt Whitman award in 1981. On Alberto Rios, the Dictionary of Literary Biography stated, “Rios’s poetry is a kind of magical storytelling, and his stories are a kind of magical poetry.”

Alberto's Story
Sam Fox is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

3. Sam Fox

Sam Fox is the founder of Fox Restaurant Concepts. Sam has innovated both the local and national culinary scenes with restaurants such as Flower Child, True Food, Doughbird, and much more. His ability to communicate compelling stories through the culinary experience is unparalleled. Each Fox Concept has a unique story. Sam masterfully conveys each one of these stories to every guest that walks through his doors. 

Sam's Story
Rachel Egboro is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

2. Rachel Egboro 

Rachel Egboro is the founder of The Whole Story, a live storytelling show created to expand on Black narratives through the art of storytelling.  Each quarter, Rachel mentors a group of five storytellers from all over the world, helping them bring their stories to life.  Rachel works tirelessly to ensure that the narrative of her community is represented in our valley and across the seas. 

Rachel's Story
Megan Finnerty is one of Arizona's Top Storytellers

1. Megan Finnerty

Megan Finnerty is the director of the Storyteller Brand Studio and the founder of the Storyteller Project, a nationwide series of live storytelling events.  She has devoted her career to both storytelling and explanatory journalism, winning the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 2018. Her work with the Storyteller Project has given over 7,000 people the opportunity to tell their stories in front of a live audience. Additionally, she has curated live storytelling events with brands such as Spark Therapeutics, Diageo, the United States Bartenders Guild.

Megan's Story