2020 Gift Guides: Last-Minute Gifts for Her

2020 Gift Guides: Last-Minute Gifts for Her

“Now is not the time to panic”

“Now is the PERFECT time to panic!”

-       Toy Story

If the holiday season is upon you and you are at a loss for  what to give your girlfriend, wife, or partner, the good news is you’re not alone, and you’re not out of luck. We have all been there, and it is not too late to find the perfect gift that is both incredibly personalized, and easy to receive in time. This year, instead of the usual brainstorming (what doesn’t she have, what has she been listening to on Spotify, is there jewelry she’ll like) why not give her something that she will not only use, but something she’ll cherish? Both something to have and something to experience? This year, instead of gifting a typical gift from the annual holiday gift guides,  why not give her something she’ll truly love.

Something personal

When getting her something personal, it does not have to always mean something personalized (like a necklace with her name on it). Instead, the key to a memorable gift is to give her something that is personal to her. This could be something that is particularly meaningful to her from her past, like a gift that reminds her of her hometown, or a special item that you’ve noticed she has recently fallen in love with. The key, as studies have shown, is that the better gift is one that the recipient would actually like, instead of one that matches their traits. In other words, when looking for a gift, look for something that will make her feel like you know her, not just what she is into.

Something shared

As it turns out, about 18% of gifts given every year are never actually used. If you’re already scrambling to find something she’ll love, how do make sure the gift you get isn’t going to just get buried in a closet? Get her something the two of you can do together. It can be as simple as a box set of movies the two of you have been meaning to watch, to as involved as signing up for cooking classes or a trip you’ve been talking about going on. In fact, research shows that in closer relationships, gift receivers prefer the gift of an experience over the gift of something material.  So if you really want to show her that you know her, a new shared experience may be the way to go.

Something new

“Something new” doesn’t always have to mean a new sweater or the latest pair of headphones. When thinking about something new, think about gifts that she hasn’t even thought about. What’s something that you know she has been meaning to try and hasn’t gotten around to? What’s something that, perhaps, you think she’d appreciate that you have wanted her to try and you haven’t had the chance to share with her? It could be a new journal for her to start writing stories in, or a new yoga mat for that class she’s been meaning to sign up for (and, back to point 2, maybe you sign up with her?). But most importantly, give her something that shows how important she is to you. Give her something that shows you want to build a greater connection. Get her something that is wholly unique.

If you are looking for something that is both meaningful and last minute, give the gift of Quilted. With Quilted, you can give your spouse, girlfriend, or significant other the gift that is not only personalized, but personal. Quilted’s custom “Legacy” packages are a great way for her to keep a new kind of journal and tell her stories, her way.

If you are still looking for a new experience for the two of you, Quilted’s “Story of Us” package has unique questions for you to answer separately, and the finished product will be an amazing keepsake that you can share with each other and with generations to come. Whether it is your first Christmas together or 20th, Quilted is the gift that will both bring you closer together now, and give you something to look back on and cherish later.  You can add your own questions, or use the questions provided by professional interviewers. And most of all, Quilted will be something fantastically new, mixed with a tradition as old as time: storytelling.

There is nothing greater to give than the ability to share your stories with someone else, and with Quilted, you can give her a chance to share her stories with you. This year, don’t just let your last minute gift be something that she’ll use once, let it be something she’ll cherish forever. This year, get her the gift that is 100% her – the gift of memories. This year, give her Quilted.