Best Personalized Gifts for 2020: The Gift of Stories

Best Personalized Gifts for 2020: The Gift of Stories

While the holidays are all about coming together with family and friends, we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of the endless preparation. With all the planning, wrapping, and organization, sometimes retaining the bandwidth to give a thoughtful gift that you are proud to give can be difficult, despite our best intentions. But, when we went out and asked people, 90% of the people we asked said that the most memorable gifts were personalized to them in some way.  On the other hand, when asked why people dislike gifts, a majority of people said that it was because there was no thought put into it or because they have no use for it.  

Even with the best intentions in mind to show great thoughtfulness and personalization in the gifts we give loved ones, it is also often a challenge to discover something new and meaningful. This year, instead of trying to scramble to make a personalized coffee mug, why not gift something that allows you and your loved ones to document, preserve, and share life’s most meaningful memories and the stories that go untold? A gift that is wholly unique, just to the person you are giving it to?

Quilted is a one-stop shop for the gift that allows us to connect to a deeper family story. This holiday season, capture, preserve, revisit and share the stories that are woven throughout your family's unique history.

Here’s how Quilted can make your gift the most unique one under the tree:  

1. Memories of the Year

Sometimes, the best gift to give Grandma and Grandpa isn’t a thing, but the chance to share in your stories. Whether you live down the street or across the country, giving them something to look back on that is custom and unique exclusively to your family is the best way to show them you care. You can gift a scrapbook of the year, or fill a digital picture frame with the photos your family has taken. But they are still missing one key element: your voice. Instead of trying to figure out what to write on the caption of a photo, why not tell them yourself? Each package is custom to how you want to present it and nothing would make your grandparents or parents happier than the chance to hear you and your family telling them the story instead of simply showing them. With Quilted’s “Share Your Memories” package, you have the opportunity  to include them on the highlights, milestones and little moments of the past year, and what you all are looking forward to next year. 

chance to share their greatest memories of the past year. Instead of trying to make sure a photo gift or book is going to be put together properly, shipped  the mail, and arriving on time, our digital cards can be downloaded as a PDF so you can send them along with a custom gift message to your parents or grandparents instantly, making sure that your gift is all the love, without the stress. 

2. The Story of Us

Looking for something that makes your special someone feel a little more special? Show them, by reminding them about how you first met, or when you knew they were the one, or what you love about them most. By giving your loved one your story through Quilted, you are giving them the chance to see how you feel in a way perhaps neither of you realized. There may be stories you never thought to share, questions you may have not thought to ask, memories you didn’t know how to share. The “Story of Us” package gives you all the tools you need to tell the story only you can tell.  

Need a last minute gift? Why not give your significant other something not only that you can do together? The “Story of Us” package is a way for the two of you to tell all the stories you know but don’t think to share. Recall the story of how you first met, how you knew they were the one, your first holiday together. You can tell your stories together or separately, and the finished product will be something that you and your spouse or significant other can look back fondly on as something not just a project for you as a couple, but something that brought you closer together.

3. Memoir

This holiday season, instead of giving Grandma or Grandpa a custom mug or personalized ornament, why not give them something that is truly personalized exclusively to  them? A chance to tell their life story in a way you may have never heard before, and as something that can continue to be shared with generations to come. Instead of trying once again to get Grandma to start writing her stories or memoir  in a notebook she’ll never use, why not give her the gift of telling her story, her way? Instead, why not give her a chance to start her memoir in a way that is easy, just by talking?

The “Leaving a Legacy” story package from Quilted is more than a gift, it’s a chance to document, preserve and share the stories that are woven throughout a person’s life.. It is a chance to hear the stories you have heard a hundred times in a new light, and perhaps a chance to hear stories you’ve never heard before. More importantly, it is the story as told directly from the source, in their words and in their voice. The questions can come from you or from prompts that have been pre-written by professional journalists and interviewers, all of which are offered to help share the legacy that is your family’s history. And with the option to set reminders and notifications, you won’t have to worry about waiting until the next big family gathering to add to the collection of stories. The “Leaving a Legacy” package is a chance to capture the stories the way they are supposed to be, and creates an incredible opportunity to be able to revisit these memories as told through the voice of your loved one for generations to come.

4. Our Memories With You

Trying to figure out a special group gift for your parents can be tough when you and your siblings don’t live in the same state. You can try coordinating with one another to research, purchase and ship a holiday gift that feels custom but often times it feels like you are missing out on the chance to really give something together and to give something truly unique.  This year, give the gift of something your parents will truly love; your favorite memories with them, all in one place.

With Quilted’s “Our Memories” package, every sibling can share their favorite childhood story, best parenting moment, most valuable lesson learned, something they’ve maybe never told their parents, greatest holiday memory, and what they love most about their parents. Every sibling can tell their story on their time, all coming together into an amazing, incredibly personal and unique gift that will truly put a smile on your parents’ faces for many years to come, and will have your parents bragging to all of their friends about the thoughtfulness of their children.

5. Keepsake of the Evening

It’s the first holiday season where you have had the entire family together in who knows how long. You finally were able to get your sister from across the country over to visit, your parents are spending the weekend with you, and you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. But more so, you want to be able to remember and look back on the great family moments, and you want to hear from everyone. The “Keepsake” package involves all perspectives by having everyone contribute to the story through video and voice. Every person has the opportunity to take a moment during the special time together to say what they are thankful for, what their highlights were, and how they were feeling in the moment. When it comes time to open presents, each person can share their own point of view, and each recording is uploaded to the story. At the end of the night, everyone receives a copy of the evening, like a perfect home video where no one was missing out on the experience. Get the “Keepsake” package this holiday season to not miss out on any of the fun. 

This holiday season, don’t try to find the perfect item to give your loved ones, you already have it. Give them the gift of shared memories. Give them the gift of hearing your favorite story about them, or the chance for your loved ones to tell their stories in a new way. Give them the gift of sharing their legacy with you. Or give everyone the gift of a shared moment, together as a family. Whatever your story, tell it, with Quilted.