Building Community Amidst the Pandemic

Enthusiastic, honest, and full of integrity are a few of the words to describe Bailey Erickson. These are words often used to describe the admirable women that surround us. The appreciation the Quilted team has for strong women leaders goes beyond the month of March. A 2022 Tennessee Valley Remarkable Women finalist, Bailey Erikson, caught our eye as she commits her life to serving others.

Despite the hardships of the pandemic, Bailey spearheaded many projects and started her own business. To get people outside during an isolated time, she encouraged people to go outside and learn about the history of her town, Madison. Bailey continued to strengthen the community by starting a painted rock garden during the pandemic. Another project she started incorporated nurturing the state insect, the monarch butterfly, by creating butterfly habitats with plants that attract and sustain the butterflies. 


(L to R) Bailey Erickson poses with Alabama Master Gardener Mayra Pangborn.

With the little down time Bailey had, she started a waffle business with her daughter. The two of them aimed to produce a product that would bring people happiness. Community members across the Tennessee Valley can enjoy a tasty bite from their company “Wafel-Bitte, LLC.” Bailey exclaims,

“I would suggest if you have an idea for a business, don’t keep knocking it around in your head.”

Like Bailey, Quilted encourages storytellers to take action to treasure memories for a special occasion. Quilted strives to share stories like Bailey’s with loved ones around the world!

Looking for a special way to recognize the special women in your life? Try to get together with loved ones and use the following questions to show the impactful women in your life how much they mean to you!

  • What has been your favorite way to spend time with mom/grandma/aunt?
  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from mom/grandma/aunt? How do you use it today?
  • When did mom/grandma/aunt help you most in your life? How was she so helpful?
  • Describe a moment when you were most proud of your mom/grandma/aunt?

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