Meet Miranda Fulcher

Here at Quilted, we are constantly coming across stories that inspire us. We felt especially inspired by Miranda Fulcher, a 24 year old from Columbus, Ohio. Miranda was able to use Quilted to create a birthday video for her husband Caleb, who is currently deployed overseas.

We got the chance to speak with Miranda and ask her about her story.

Miranda joined the U.S. military in 2018, where she met Caleb. They have now been married for three years and have two sweet baby girls together.

Caleb deployed last fall and is missed very much by his family. When asked what her experience has been like being away from Caleb, Miranda said:

 “Raising and caring for two babies by myself has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Not only am I missing the practical help from Caleb since he’s gone, but it has also been so tough not to have him here to lean on emotionally through it all. We’re constantly getting separated from one another for military trainings and field exercises, but this deployment has been the longest we’ve been away from each other.”

According to Miranda, family and friends have been her lifeline these last few months, and doesn’t know how she could have done this without them.

Since Caleb was away for his birthday, Miranda wanted to find him a unique and meaningful gift. When asked about her experience with Quilted she said:

“The final Quilted video that I gifted Caleb was such a unique present! We have never given each other anything like it. I think that in any occasion, it’s absolutely priceless to see so many of your friends and family members come together to send heartfelt messages to you, but especially when it’s been months since you’ve seen any of them in person. I was so excited to have stumbled across Quilted online & be able to give him a gift that I knew he needed for his birthday overseas. Caleb absolutely loved his Quilted video. He will cherish the sweet words of his loved ones forever!”