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Capture Their Perspective

With Quilted’s Love Story package you and your better half will recall, save, and share the stories that brought you together on video, making this the perfect personalized gift for your one and only.

How it Works

Choose Your Questions

Use Quilted’s inspiring questions for quick setup or write your own.

Record Your Stories

Quilted texts you both questions weekly or daily. You respond by video on phone or laptop.

Enjoy The Stories

Once all stories are recorded, we compile videos into a beautiful movie.

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Alex & Daniel’s Story


Story of Us

Recall your most cherished stories with one another over the weeks to come and at the end have a beautiful video to bring your love story to life.

  • 2 Storytellers
  • 20 Different Chapters(Prompts)
  • 40 Video Stories
  • Final video: 10 – 90 minutes

What to Expect

  • Who: You and your significant other are Storytellers.
  • What: Recording short videos in response to the pre-generated story prompts you both will receive. At the end, you can request to have the responses compiled into a single video.
  • Where: You both will receive story prompts via text message with a link to respond via video, with no app to install. You can easily access your responses in your dashboard.
  • When: You can select to get prompts any time per day and as often as daily, every other day, or weekly.
  • How: You will receive 20 different prompts that will be sent to each of you, meaning at the end you will have 40 video responses between the two of you.

*This gift can be purchased last minute with a welcome text message sent to them the same day.

How it Works


Select & customize your gift.

After choosing your Quilted Love Story package, you will enter you or you and your significant other’s contact info, set the date and time for when you want to have the story prompts start going out, and review the prompts, editing as needed.

Storytellers receive weekly prompts.

As Storytellers, you or you and your significant other will receive a text message to get started on your Quilted story. Each week you will receive a text inviting you to respond to a prompt at your convenience. These prompts can be adjusted to be sent more or less often than weekly. You may also record a video of yourself asking the prompt for your them. 


Stories are recorded.

You or you and your significant other then record your response and are welcome to do as many retakes as you want. Once you are happy with your response, it’ll be added to your Quilted Story Dashboard. We make it super easy to respond by requring no app download or account creation from the Storyteller. 

Videos one-by-one or 1 full length video

As you or you and your significant other complete each response, the responses will immediately be viewable to you in your Quilted Story Project Dashboard. Once either of you have responded to a prompt you can share your individual responses with one another or wait until you’re completed with all your story prompts to share in one compiled video. 

Gift Packages

Share & enjoy!

After your Quilted Storytelling project is complete, you will be able to request a fully compiled video of all your stories to gift to that special someone. Snuggle up and watch your stories together or gather a close group of family and friends to create new memories together as you watch your stories.

What People are Saying

I have received plenty of birthday gifts in my life, but I think most people know the experiences and memories I share with other people are what matter most to me. My fiancé surprised me with the video at the end of my birthday and it was a perfect ending to a great day.

-Graham V.
Our Memories with You 

I got this for my girlfriend who was expecting and she was ecstatic. Her seeing how excited everyone was and the advice they provided really made it a beautiful present.

-Michelle L.
Wishes for Baby

It’s always fun when you give something unique to someone for their birthday. Quilted is exactly that. It was super fun gathering all the people that love my fiancé such as parents, siblings, and best friends to wish him a happy birthday with customizable questions.”

-Natasha A.
Our Memories with You 

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