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This Mother’s Day, invite the family to create a heartfelt gift for Mom that she’ll never forget. You and your family will tell stories of your favorite memories with Mom on video. Quilted texts you questions to tell the best stories and when you’re done we compile all your videos together into one movie to gift to Mom.

We know Mother’s Day is coming up fast and you may not have time to tell all your favorite stories with Mom before Sunday, but we think she deserves a whole month of celebration. That’s why we’re now offering our Mother’s Day paclkage through the month of May, just in case you want to make her month. 😉

How it Works

Choose Your Questions

Use Quilted’s inspiring questions for quick setup or write your own.

Record Your Videos

Quilted texts 3 questions over 3 days. You’ll respond by video through phone or laptop.


Once we receive your video responses, we compile the videos into a beautiful movie.

Mother’s Day Gift Package

Memories with Mom

1-20 Storytellers
1-10 Different Questions
10-200 Video Responses
Final video 10 – 90 minutes

What to Expect

  • Who: Family of the Mother (20 or less people).
  • What: Recording short videos in responses to the 10 questions you will receive relating to Mom. At the end, you can request to have the responses compiled into a single video to gift.
  • Where: Her family will receive questions via text message with a link to respond via video. You can access these responses in your dashboard.
  • When: You can select to send these questions any time per day and as often as daily, every other day, or weekly.
  • How: Your family(Storytellers) will receive 10 different questions over the course of time you select. We suggest giving your Storytellers at least one week to respond.

*You need your Storytellers to complete their story responses and you will need to submit a request at least one week prior to gifting in order to have Quilted compile a final video in time to gift.

A Few Sample Questions 

  1. What has been your favorite way to spend time with Mom as a child?
  2. When did Mom help you most in your life?
  3. Which personality trait of Mom’s do you feel you embody most?

What People Are Saying About Quilted

I feel like I spend a lot of time thinking about what would be perfect to give to somebody I care about, and this package feels like it would take care of a lot of that issue. It seems like an easy solution to an appreciation token of friendship.

A. Brow

Gives me a way to honor my loved one by being able to compile a digitized video of our memories with said person. Shows the person how much we love and cherish them.

S. Hayes

A memory to last a lifetime.

V. Pinto

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