Give a Gift They'll Cherish a Lifetime

Quilted makes it easy to create a collaborative video of well wishes and memories to gift for a loved one's birthday!

How It Works

Quilted Sends Invites to Loved Ones of The Birthday Person
Loved Ones Submit
Video Responses to Prompts
Quilted Creates Your Final Movie
to Gift for The Birthday Person!


The memories, reflections, and wishes captured in a Quilted movie are some of the most meaningful gifts someone can receive. Their movie of loved ones becomes only more meaningful as its rewatched for years to come.


A Quilted movie is one of the few gifts, that someone who has everything, may just not have yet. ;)


A Quilted gift is not just one more thing to get a person for their birthday, it is an experience that brings loved ones together, even at a distance, to celebrate another year of that person being a part of our lives.

Want More Details?

Quilted's Birthday Wishes Package

Who: Up to 75 friends and family.

What: Loved ones respond to prompts relating to the birthday person by recording short videos to 5 different questions. At the end, we compile all the videos into a single movie to gift.

Where: Loved ones will receive prompts via email or text message with a link to respond via video. Only the buyer of the package can access these responses in their Quilted Account Dashboard.

When: You can select to send invites anytime and we will send automatic reminders to the people who forget to respond. You choose the date when everyone needs to have their responses in by.

How: Loved ones will receive reminders to answer 5 different questions during the timeframe you select. We suggest giving them at least 1 week to respond.

Price: Quilted is free to get started and collect your videos. You only pay $49.99 once you're happy with the video submissions and request your final compiled movie.


What is Included:

1-75 Contributors

5 Different Prompts

5-375 Video Responses

1 Final Movie With All Video Responses Compiled

Unlimited Downloads of The Final Movie

Your Own Webpage to Watch and Share Your Final Movie

90 Days of Free Movie File Storage Post-Story Project

Customizable Story Prompts(questions)

Customizable Prompt Schedule

Account Access From Any Device

1 Admin Account

"I like the idea of following my memories and my life. Even the smallest moments have the largest impact on you so it would be nice to remember those little moments."

E. Kowalew

"I think this will be the most heartfelt to a loved one because it shows what they love about you over the years."

S. Matche

"A way to capture videos in a way that emphasizes friendship, relationships, achievements, and meaningful moments to tell a story."

D. Shultz

"A memory to last a lifetime."

V. Pinto

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