Group Birthday Videos

Give them something to smile about for years to come.

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A birthday video everyone can get behind


Sample Birthday Video

Invite up to 75 of the birthday person's closest friends and family to tell stories on video. We compile these wishes and memories into one movie for them to be gifted for their birthday!

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Friends and family near and far can participate

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Set up your keepsake gift in a minutes

All skill levels welcome

DIY your final video or let us do it for you

Choose from our hand-crafted set of prompts that help bring out some of the best stories and memories that might otherwise go untold, or create your own!

"Tell me about an outing, trip, or adventure we took that you wish we could take again and again."

"What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned from me? How do you use it today?"

"Is there a song or movie that we bond over? If so what and why?"

"What is one story with me that you can't help but laugh about when you think of it?"

"What are your birthday wishes for me this next year?"


"The stories my dad has recorded are amazing and I cannot wait to get a finished product. So many little gems my kids and grandkids might not ever know without you guys!"

- B. McKee

"A memory to last a lifetime"

- V. Pinto

"I will officially sing your praises forever! I will share your incredible app with all I know. My thank you is boundless. I so appreciate your entire team."

- H. Johnson

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