FAQs for Quilted Storytelling Video Gifts

Thanks for exploring Quilted’s video storytelling gift packages. At Quilted, we are committed to helping you bring the stories you cherish most to life, whether those are legacy stories, memories to share with a loved one in honor of a milestone birthday, or documenting your story as a couple. Below are a few of the FAQs for Quilted Storytelling Video Gifts. Need help with something you don’t see here? Reach out to us!



What does a final Quilted movie look like? Can I customize the videos? 
A final Quilted movie will play similar to a video mashup from your Google Photos or iPhoto libraries, in a square format (screen shape). Each of the story prompt response videos can be accessed from a video playlist or be viewable as one large continuous video with breaks between each set of video responses indicating the prompt that triggered the response (after requesting a fully stitched video).  The intro, ending, and breaks between videos in the Quilted will feature text corresponding to the prompt questions and the title you gave your story project. Customizable intros, endings and breaks between videos is a feature we’re considering for future release. Keep in mind that all of your Quilted stories are filmed on a smart phone or laptop video screen from loved ones, so final videos are going to take on a simple, authentic feel versus a high production video.
Can I choose or edit the prompts asked of people I invite? 
Your Quilted Story’s questions will start with a list of pre-filled prompts applicable to the package type you chose. You can then edit the questions in the template, or even write your own from scratch, so you have full flexibility with the topics you ask the people you invite to be a part of your Quilted Movie.
If you’d prefer not to choose questions, your storyteller will receive questions in the order of the template you have chosen by default
Can someone I invite change their story prompt? 
This is not currently available but in a future release, contributors will be able to request a different story prompt if not inspired by that week’s prompt.  
Can multiple people have their responses be added to the same Quilted Movie? 
Depending on which package you choose, you may have one person or multiple people responding to prompts for one Quilted project. For instance, “Our Memories with you” allows you to choose multiple storytellers (you can be included as a storyteller and as the gift purchaser). But the “Memoir” package includes 1 storyteller. Once the Quilted story is complete, you will have the option as the gift purchaser to download the videos and share them with your family.
How can I add people to respond for my Quilted movie project?  
Upon purchase of a Quilted package the purchaser will determine the number of people as they are setting up their story project. However, once your Quilted project has launched, you still add more people as long as it is before the story deadline. You can do this by sharing your unique Quilted project link and they can respond by entering their name and email address. 
Can I add people to my Quilted project after it has launched?  
Yes you can still add people after you launched you Quilted project as long as it is before the story deadline. You can do this by sharing your unique Quilted project link and they can respond by going to the link and entering their name and email address.
Can I invite two people that share a cell phone number? 
Yes, as long as they enter different email addresses once they go to the unique Quilted project page they were invited to they will be able to respond with their own unique videos. 
Does someone invited to respond need access to wifi and a smart phone or computer? 
Yes, at this time stories are completed through text message or email prompts and video responses, which require internet access and a smart phone or computer with a camera. People invited to contribute to a Quilted project are able to respond to prompts via their iPad or tablet device so long as they are able to receive text messages or email to that device.
Is Quilted available outside the U.S. currently?
Not just yet, but please let us know which countries you would like to see Quilted available!
What is included in a Quilted package? 
All Quilted packages include an invite to the Quilted project and reminders sent via email of text message for either 1 person (gift receiver) or multiple people, storage for all your videos and final compiled video up to 90 days following your Quilted project due date, 1 purchaser account access, and the ability to download the final Quilted movie. Quilted packages vary in the following ways. For a full overview of each package and what they entail, please visit https://quilted.io/gifts.
Is there a way I can get this for someone at the last minute? 
Quilted has a few great last-minute gift options since several of our packages can be delivered the same day via text or email. For instance, the Legacy Gift is specifically designed to be able to gift to your loved ones at the last minute if needed, as your gift recipient will receive a text and their first  prompt based on when you want to notify them about the gift. The Story of Us package can also be a last-minute gift, where you notify your spouse or significant other with the initial welcome video text or email and first  prompt same-day if preferred.
It is recommended that you allow at least one week for all other packages, as the people you invite to respond will need time to respond to each prompt and the final Quilted movie created. For this package (and with any others), you may request a fully compiled video to view and share with your family and friends. Please allow at least 7 days from the time you request a final compiled video until final delivery.



Can I add people to my Quilted project after it has launched?  
Yes you can still add people after you launched you Quilted project as long as it is before the story deadline. You can do this by sharing your unique Quilted project link and they can respond by going to the link and entering their name and email address.
What happens if they don’t respond right away? 
People invited to contribute to a Quilted project will have until the due date listed on the Quilted project web page to respond to the prompts. However, they will receive reminders throughout the time the project is live if they have been invited but have not responded.
How do they submit their response?
A person invited to submit a response to a Quilted movie project will start by receiving an email or text invite with a link to the Quilted project details. The link will then take them to the webpage where they will see the details of the Quilted project along with the prompts they need to respond to and  along a button for each prompt to record their response. They will record their response and click submit once they’re happy with their response. They can reshoot their videos as many times as they want.
Is there a time limit on video prompt responses? 
Right now there is no time limit, but most stories tend to be between 1 – 5 minutes each.
Can they respond in a foreign language?
People can respond in any language.​
What is your return policy?
All gift packages are non-refundable once you request your final video. That said, we want to be sure you are absolutely happy with your Quilted stories so if for any reason you don’t love it, please contact the Quilted team by following the link below. We’d love to hear from you.



Am I able to back up my final movie?  
At this time, you will be able to download your final videos then back them up on your preferred storage or cloud provider service.  
How long will my final movie be saved on my Quilted login? 
Videos are saved within the Purchaser’s Quilted login for 90 days after the Quilted project’s due date. You will receive email reminders that your videos are due to be removed from your account well in advance of the 90 days after the project due date.


Who sees my video response? 
Only the people you choose to share your video responses or final video link  with will see your videos, as well as the Purchaser of the Quilted package. For instance, if you received Quilted as a gift, your videos will be viewable by the family member or friend who initiated the Quilted story and whoever the final video link was shared with. If you or the Purchaser of the Quilted package opts to receive a final compiled video, a Quilted video editor will also have access to the content. 
How does Quilted protect my content? 
We take the protection and safeguarding of your content very seriously. For a full overview of Quilted’s Privacy Policy, please view https://quilted.io/privacypolicy.
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