How is the final movie delivered to me?

Your final movie will be uploaded to your Quilted project page. We will email you once the final movie is ready, letting you know you can now watch your final movie, and request any necessary revisions.

The email with your final Quilted movie will look like the image below. Make sure to check your Promotions tab if you cannot find it in your Primary inbox. You can also access your final movie by logging into your Quilted project page once it is ready.

Click the 'Watch Video' button at the bottom of the email. 

From this page shown in the image below, you will be able to watch your final movie, and make any requests for revisions if necessary. Click the blue play button on the video to begin watching.

Once you have watched your video, you can either choose to approve it or submit for revisions. If you would like to request for revisions, select the red button as shown in the image below.

Fill out the form with any revisions you would like as shown in the image below. Make sure to include a time stamp (ex. 1:46 - Remove video) and be as in-depth as possible. Once you have filled out the form, select the purple button to submit for revisions. Your revisions will take 2-3 business days.

Once you would like to approve your final movie, select the green button that says 'Approve This Movie'. You will then be shown a confirmation message as shown in the image below.

Once you have approved your final movie, you can choose to download the file to your device by using the 'Download' button, or share the link by selecting the 'Copy Movie Link' button, or via Twitter or Email by selecting the corresponding button shown after 'Share through:'