How many people can participate in my video?

The amount of participants depends on the type of the package you select. For example, My Story With You package limits one contributor to the project. On the other hand, you can invite more than 15 contributors to the Birthday Wishes package. 

Baby Shower- Up to 50 contributors 
Birthday Wishes- Up to 75 contributors 
Bridal Shower- Up to 200 contributors 
Celebration of Life- Up to 75 contributors
Get Well Soon- Up to 25 contributors

Graduation Card- Up to 50 contributors 
Group Travel Journal- Up to 10 contributors 
Story of Us- 2 contributors 
Memoir- 1 contributor 
Memories with Dad- Up to 20 contributors 
Memories with Mom- Up to 20 contributors 
Milestone Event- Up to 50 contributors 
My Love Story with You- 1 contributor 
Wedding Guestbook- Up to 200 contributors