Is there a last minute gift option available?

Quilted has a few great last-minute gift options since several of our packages can be delivered the same day via text or email. For instance, the Memoir is specifically designed to be able to give a gift to your loved ones at the last minute if needed, as your gift recipient will receive a text and their first prompt based on when you want to notify them about the gift. The Story of Us package can also be a last-minute gift, where you notify your spouse or significant other with the initial welcome video text or email and first prompt same-day if preferred.

It is recommended that you allow at least one week for all other packages, as the people you invite to participate will need time to respond to each prompt and the final Quilted movie created. For this package (and with any others), you may request a fully compiled video to view and share with your family and friends. Please allow at least 7 days from the time you request a final compiled video until final delivery.