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Get to know Quilted!

Below are Quilted's logos and app icons. Please scroll to the end of the page to learn more about Quilted. Feel free to contact us with any questions! 


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Learn more about Quilted!

Why Quilted?

On the surface, Quilted is something that sounds like a pretty good gift idea. But once people see loved ones on the other side of the camera sharing their favorite stories, it becomes a truly great idea, and even the toughest amongst us are blown away and brought to tears by the impact of this gift. It’s because we’re revealing the wishes and stories people wait all their lives to tell. The ones we share during celebrations and tragedies when our mortality and purpose are sharpened and we’re reminded of why we’re all here. We created Quilted to ensure these wishes and stories are not lost and are shared more often among loved ones and through generations. 

What is Quilted?

Quilted inspires and organizes groups of loved ones to tell their favorite stories through curated short videos and compiles these videos into one movie to be gifted for any special occasion. Check out this video for a brief snapshot of a Quilted video.

All Quilted packages include invites to participants in the Quilted project and reminders sent via email or text message. All videos and the final compiled movie are stored for at least 90 days following the Quilted project due date. The purchaser of the gift has project management access and the ability to download the final Quilted movie. Each Quilted package varies. For a full overview of each package and what they entail, please visit

Packages Available 

How did Quilted get started?

Quilted was born out of the idea that most of us wait until it’s too late to share the wishes and stories that shape our lives.  Our aim is to inspire people to share these wishes and stories more often with the ones they love. 

Our Mission

Quilted is on a mission to create special video gifts that inspire people to share wishes and stories for a variety of occasions. Quilted facilitates collaboration and strives to capture beautiful moments over video. We believe people can share powerful memories no matter the distance.

How does Quilted work?

Choose a Package:

Select a Quilted package with pre-written prompts related to the special occasion and customize the details to bring memories to life!

Invite Contributors:

Easily spread the word to all the special people in the recipient’s life via automatic text messages or email invites and reminders.

Submit responses:

Share memories and stories via video responses. 

Request Final Video and let us work our magic:

After all the responses have been submitted, request your final movie to receive your Quilted movie to gift. 

How much is Quilted?

There is no cost to start creating your Quilted video. Once you upload all of your videos, it costs $24.99 to have them compiled into a downloadable and shareable movie. 

What is next for Quilted? 

We listen closely to our customers and are developing more offerings based on their requests. Some ideas include a way to send the final movies in a final multimedia format in addition to keeping loved ones more connected going beyond traditional types of social media.