Step 1 - Starting Your Quilted Project

Choose a package

Quilted videos are the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. Use the drop down to choose the option aligned with your occasion. Each package has different types of questions and a different number of people you can invite. More on how the packages for various occasions vary can be found on each package page.

 Who it is for

This should be the name of the person the final Quilted movie will be given to as a gift.


The title of the Quilted video explains the purpose of the video to the contributors submitting responses and the gift recipient. The title will be included in the final movie.

Your web page

Based on the title, the Quilted Web Page is created for contributors to submit their video responses. This is the link you can share with anyone you want to submit a response. 

Desired completion date 

Determine a due date for contributors to finish their responses. This is when we will tell all contributors to have their responses in by. It is recommended this date is 5 days before you want to give your final video.


A final movie costs $49.99. This amount is not due until you have received your video submissions and are ready to request the final movie.

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