Step 3 - Prompts

Once you have started your Quilted Project, you can determine the prompts to be answered by contributors. Your Quilted Story’s questions will start with a list of pre-filled prompts applicable to the package type you chose. You can then edit the questions in the template, or even write your own from scratch, so you have full flexibility with the topics you ask the people you invite.

If you’d prefer not to choose questions, the participants will receive questions in the order of the template you have chosen by default.

How to edit prompts

First, you must choose the prompt you would like to edit by clicking on the pencil icon.


Then, click on "edit prompt" to make your desired changes. 

After you select "edit prompt," you may make your changes in the dialogue box and save the updates.

Delete prompt

If there is a prompt you would not like included in your Quilted video, select the pencil icon for the prompt you want to remove. 


Then, click on "delete prompt" to remove it. 

To confirm, select "yes" to delete the prompt. 

Add Prompts

You can add additional prompts by selecting the plus icon. 

If you are already using all the prompts from your selected package, you can write a personalized prompt or select another package to choose from. 

Choose Prompts From Other Package

From the dropdown, select the package you would like to add the prompt from. 

Once you have chosen the prompt you would like to include, click add prompt.

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