Step 4- Review Your Quilted Project Page

This step allows you to review everything you have done. This way purchasers can see everything together and make any desired edits.

Photo of recipient

This photo is used on the project page and sent in the invites. 



Welcome video/note

Along with a welcome message for contributors, purchasers may record a video or write a note to introduce the project. This video/note is sent to contributors in their invites, and is on the project web page for all contributors to see. In this section, you can include contributor expectations and generate excitement for the video!


Who is this for

This should be the name of the person the final Quilted movie will be given to as a gift.


Title of your Quilted Movie

The title of the Quilted video explains the purpose of the video to the contributors submitting responses and the gift recipient. The title will be included in the final movie.



Your web page

Based on the title, the Quilted Web Page is created for contributors to submit their video responses. This is the link you can share with anyone you want to submit a response. 


What’s this all about

Add a short, personal message for your participants. Explain why you are creating this Quilted movie and provide any personalized details your participants should know.


Due date

Determine a due date for contributors to finish their responses. This is when we will tell all contributors to have their responses in by. To allow enough time to put together your finished movie, your due date should be at least 3 business days before you want the finished movie.


We will send automated reminders to people who have not responded. Select which you’d like us to send.

Edit Prompts

Review prompts and make any necessary changes. 


Need Help/How it works

These are resources for contributors to see if they need any help and will be available on the project page for them.