Step 5 - Invitations

Invitations with the link to the project are sent to all of the contributors you invite. Throughout the process, reminders will be sent to contributors to submit their video responses. People can be added from your contact library, CSV/Excel file, or manually. If you do not have an individual’s phone number or email, you can give them the link to the project. This link can be sent to anyone prior to requesting your final video.


Can people who are not "contributors" submit videos?

Yes, they can be sent the project link at any time during the process. Share the URL with as many people as you want to be a part of this special gift. This is seen in the photo above. 

How do I add or remove Quilted invitees after starting my project?

You can add invitees any time prior to requesting the final video. You can add people to the invite list after launch and in bulk as long as the project has not been finished yet. Once you are logged in, you can do this by clicking on the "Send More Invites" button below on your page. If you want to remove a Quilted invitee, please email us.



How are Quilted contributors reminded to submit a video?

Reminders will be sent out at a variety of times throughout the process. These are set by default to all go out unless they are edited after launch shown in the photo below. These friendly reminders help contributors stay on top of their video submissions.



How do I know the invites look the way I want them to? 

You can send a test invite to yourself to see what it would look like to people you invite.  If you want to change anything, you will need to go back to your review page to edit items.


What does clicking “Launch Project and Send invites” mean?

Once the purchaser has made all desired edits to the project page and is ready to share their project with contributors, they must click the "Launch Project and Send Invites" button shown in the image below. This will allow yourself and others to begin uploading videos to your project.


Once you have clicked the "Launch Project and Send Invites" button, you will see a confirmation message shown in the image below.