Get Well Soon

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Inspire friends and family to create a Get Well Soon video for a loved one in recovery. We understand friends and family may not be able to visit and in some instances, it may not be safe to visit at this time, but we don't think that should stop us from showing our love and support and that's why we're offering this for free.

Quilted's Get Well Soon video package sends friends and family the 3 questions below to record quick videos that get combined together into one awesome video for the loved one to watch in recovery. 

  1. Tell me about a memory we have together that always makes you smile when you think about it.
  2. What are your hopes, wishes, and words of encouragement for me?
  3. Choose one: Tell your favorite cheesy joke or sing the chorus of your favorite song.

    • 1-25 Storytellers

    • 3 Different Questions

    • 3-75(up to) Video Responses

    • 1 Final Video With All Video Responses Compiled

    • 90 Days of Free File Storage Post-Story Project

    • Unlimited Downloads of Your Final Story

    • Customizable Questions

    • Customizable when Questions are texted to friends and family

    • Account Access From Any Device

    • 1 Admin Account

How does all this work?

Quilted sends up to 25 friends and family(Storytellers) text messages that prompt them to record a few short videos. These video responses get pulled together and with the push of a button are compiled into one video that can be shared with your loved one in recovery.

    • Who: Friends and Family of your loved one in recovery are Storytellers (25 or less people).
    • What: Recording short videos in responses to the 3 questions you will receive relating to the loved one in recovery. At the end, you can request to have the responses compiled into a single video to gift.
    • Where: Their friends and family(Storytellers) will receive questions via text message with a link to respond via video. You can access these responses in your dashboard.
    • When: You can select to send these questions any time per day and as often as daily, every other day, or weekly.
    • How: Your friends and family(Storytellers) will receive 3 different questions over the course of time you select. We suggest giving your Storytellers at least one week to respond.

*You need your Storytellers to complete their story responses and you will need to submit a request at least one week prior to gifting in order to have Quilted compile a final video in time to gift.


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