Group Travel Journal

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Rally your travel group to share cherished travel stories and experiences on the go! Each day have your travel buddies each respond to a prompt asking about a unique experience from their day. At the end of your trip, you'll have a final video with each of you reflecting on your travel experiences.


    • 1-10 Storytellers

    • 17 Different Prompts(questions)

    • 17-170(up to) Video Responses

    • 1 Final Video With All Video Responses Compiled

    • 90 Days of Free File Storage Post-Story Project

    • Unlimited Downloads of Your Final Story

    • Customizable Story Prompts(questions)

    • Customizable Prompt Schedule

    • Account Access From Any Device

    • 1 Admin Account

How does all this work?

We send up to 10 travel buddies text messages that prompt them to record a short video each day on your trip. These video responses get pulled together and with the push of a button are compiled into one video that can be shared and used to relive your trip for generations to come!

    • Who: Up to 10 friends and family.

    • What: Your travel group responds by recording short video entries about their adventures each day for a total of 17 different questions. At the end, we compile everyone’s videos into a single video of your trip.

    • Where: Your group will receive questions via text message with a link to respond via video. Only the buyer of the package can access these responses in the Quilted dashboard.

    • When: You can select to send these prompts any time per day and as often as daily, every other day, or weekly.

    • How: Your group will receive 17 different questions over the course of time you select.

*Final videos currently take a week to complete from the time a request is submitted to the time we send a link back to you to download your final video.


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