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SticFlic stickers can be used for just about anything! From pictures and recipes, to storage boxes and complicated appliances, to kids' artwork and family love notes. You can even add interactive content, such as a YouTube video, map, or Spotify playlist, and invite others to interact with and add content.

SticFlic is an early stage offering brought to you by Quilted, a leader in video gifts celebrating milestones and special moments in life. We are running a Limited Pre-Release of SticFlic, with only 200 stickers available. Be a part of the first few to experience this product at just the cost of shipping and handling. You'll also be the first to know when we've publicly launched SticFlic, and receive an exclusive offer for discounted pricing.

SticFlic Stickers

How does a Quilted video work?

Quilted invites up to friends and family via email or text messages that prompt them to record a few short videos. These video responses get pulled together and with the push of a button are compiled into one video that can be shared with all. It’s a perfect gift alternative to a pricey videographer.


You and the Gift Receiver’s closest loved ones are Storytellers ( people or less).


Their loved ones record short videos in response to the prompts relating to the person receiving the gift. At the end, you can request to have the responses compiled into a single video to gift.


You can select to send invites anytime and we will send automatic reminders to the people who forget to respond. You choose the date when everyone needs to have their responses in by.


Their loved ones will receive questions via email or text message with a link to respond via video. Only the buyer of the package can access these responses in the Quilted dashboard.


Their loved ones will receive reminders to answer different questions during the timeframe you select. We suggest giving them at least 1 week to respond.

Quilted Example Video

*You need your Storytellers to complete their story responses and you will need to submit a request at least one week prior to gifting in order to have Quilted compile a final video in time to gift.