Love Story

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The Love Story(Story of Us) gift package is the perfect way to share your fondest memories with your significant other. Relive and document with ease 20 of your most cherished stories from each other's unique perspectives. Share the final video of all your responses with one another and cherish it a lifetime.


    • 2 Storytellers

    • 20 Different Prompts(questions)

    • 40 Video Stories

    • 1 Final Video With All Video Stories Compiled

    • 90 Days of Free File Storage Post-Story Project

    • Unlimited Downloads of Your Final Story

    • Customizable Story Prompts(questions)

    • Customizable Prompt Schedule

    • Account Access From Any Device

    • 1 Creator Account


    • Who: You and your significant other are Storytellers.

    • What: Recording short videos in response to the pre-generated story prompts you both will receive. At the end, you can request to have the responses compiled into a single video.

    • Where: You both will receive story prompts via text message with a link to respond via video, with no app to install. You can easily access your responses in your dashboard.

    • When: You can select to get prompts any time per day and as often as daily, every other day, or weekly.

    • How: You will receive 20 different prompts that will be sent to each of you, meaning at the end you will have 40 video responses between the two of you.

*This gift can be purchased last minute with a welcome text message sent to them the same day.


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